wfmwShannon, over at Rocks in My Dryer, hosts a weekly theme called “Works for Me Wednesday” in which folks can share with the blogosphere their own little tidbits of wisdom. I’m sure this has been posted before because I’m not the only mother to have discovered these little cleaning pads, but I was so excited when I realized today that while I was cleaning with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, watching the non-washable marker stains come off the plastic, yet porous, table with ease that I wanted to tell the whole world about these fantastic cleaning pads!! And then it dawned on me that it was Wednesday!  And that I had something to share on Works for Me Wednesday!  And that was even more exciting than the cleaning!!

  So there it is. If you have kids, you should buy the big box of these at Sams and Costco and never ever run out of them. They are safe, so you can give them to the kids to clean. I don’t think they sanitize, but they sure do clean just about anything off any surface! We LOVE them round these here parts!

And now thank you for reading my 1st Works for Me Wednesday post. I’m honored.