Funny Photos From Christmas I Found on Mandy’s Computer!

Wonder what kind of trouble Josh was causing! And I wonder what was in whatever drink I had been sipping on! Hee hee… we need some funny captions for this photo. Any creative thoughts??

Gramcy has turned away from the Dark Side. HAHAHA Of course Dad is lovin’ it. He’s reliving his youth…again. He lived to the fullest in his youth. He relived his youth again when we were young. And now he’s getting a triple dosing while the grandkids are all little. ha!

Royce…what in the world??

Is Hannah trying to emulate Royce’s same expression?? Love the red shirt and purple tutu by the way, Hannah bear.

Adri is always so excited to see his Aunt Bri! Well, truth be told, that’s Adri’s level of excitement over most anything, but we like to make Bri feel very very loved! 🙂