In my little blurb box under the title of the blog – which is so incredibly uncreative (Sarah Walston) – is a short little ridiculously incoherent blurb that reads: “On Which Pink is the New Green Which was The New Black Complete With Randomly Firing Neurons And Corresponding Oxymora”.  I want to take this moment to set the record straight. I did not come up with that all on my own! I stole a few catch phrases from here and there.  My two favorite parts are “Neurons Firing Randomly” and “Corresponding Oxymora”. The latter was my own little creation – but the phrase, “Neurons Firing Randomly” came from a friend who would use that phrase from time to time and I always thought it was funny. She would say it whenever we’d have conversations that were very short, to the point, and would cover multiple topics in under a few minutes. It always made me laugh.

I miss her. Hope she’s doing well.  

The other part, “Corresponding Oxymora”, is referencing an old post on this blog. If you are curious you can search the blog for it. It’s a fun little post and I may turn it into a page so I can read it and add to it as I grow in my enlightenment of the interesting relationship I have with my husband! LOL! We are complete opposites who share a lot of interests. If that makes sense.

 The whole “pink is the new green…” phrase is just a play on theme.

 Anyway just wanted to clarify how unclever I really am!