I don’t have a lot of time for blogging anymore these days! We stay very busy as a family, but I have missed having this journal of sorts for keeping my thoughts about things archived somewhere. Lord knows my short term/long term memory is fried these days! Stress will do that to you!

I have so much to do to get caught up on the blogs. I hope that next week, which might afford more “at home” time, I can get my family blog caught up some. Moving has been so exhausting because there really hasn’t been any downtime to get the house organized and flowing well. Just when I got the little house into a good rhythm….we moved! It only took 6 years to get the little house on a good “work flow”…but hopefully it won’t take 6 years to get this house well organized and functional.

These days, more than ever, I really see the blessing in having a Gramma and Grampa close by where I can send the kids for the afternoon! For my benefit and theirs!! I know I can’t wait to be able to fill that need for my own children and grandchildren. I pray and hope and believe that my children will home educate their children – and I pray and hope and believe that God, in His infinite mercy, will allow me to be a part of that experience! Be it teaching my grandchildren subjects or simply providing a place of respite care for the children while my daughters and daughters-in-laws have a few hours here and there to fulfill their other duties in the home (bookkeeping, lesson planning, grocery shopping, etc).

Anyway I could really go off on that topic, but I will save it for another day!  I’m going to close off for now – not really sure what the point of this post is…except to say perhaps that is indicative of the memory loss issue I mentioned earlier!!  LOL!