ballet austin     feb 2006     paramount theatre, austin

Ballet Austin has to be my favorite ballet company of all time. I just think they are amazing.

Now…that said…I think…though I can’t tell for sure because the video quality is a little on the lacking side here – I’m sure the videographer did the best they could when they illegally recorded this for us – but I THINK the 2nd pair of dancers to grace the stage are, in fact, both male dansuers doing a pas de deux. So – that took some time to swallow – but I still think the choreography to this song is just breathtaking and so I decided to go ahead and post it. I know some of my readers, that is the 3 of you who check in every other day, may be somewhat unsettled by that element of the ballet.  So, for that, I apologize in advance.

But the song, the choreography, the visual imagery, the lighting…it’s just… perfect!