I just finished giving my boys their first lesson in ballet. I’m so excited for them! They, on the other hand, are not all in agreement with me that this is the best thing for them! LOL! One child, in particular, who shall remain nameless, stormed out of the studio and declared he would NOT become a ballerina! I assured him he would not, under any circumstances, actually turn into a ballerina. I told him if he worked hard though, he would turn into a Dansuer and become one of the best Dansuer’s in the world!

Turns out some little girls made fun of him for wanting to try ballet and now he’s embarrased and doesn’t want to be made fun of again. I can understand. Children just don’t understand how hurtful it can be when they scoff at other children’s ambitions. Same for adults too, I suppose!

And another funny observation – Adri, who is not very flexible or naturally turned out – did very very well today! He stayed right over his arches and toes during the plies, his feet were stretched nicely, and he really picked up the theory and technique we started learning today. I was pleasantly surprised at his natural ability. We’ll just have to get him stretched out!!

Ean, on the other hand, who is totally turned out, has a very pliable foot, and is quite flexible – was not nearly as coordinated as Adri. Though there were some elements of it  that Ean picked up much faster than Adri:  the spring points and the polka and gallopping, running and skipping, etc.

And, in true Adri fashion, he’s already begun renaming the moves. Instead of arm lifts it’s dragon lifts. Instead of marching it’s Storm Trooper Marching. So it really should become an interesting class in a few more weeks! LOL!