I just got home from a nice long dinner with a good friend whom I’ve not really had a chance to visit with, face to face, in months. We usually talk on the phone due to our hectic schedules and home schooling responsibilities. Anyway we have some things in common and it’s always a nice visit, if I do say so myself. I think I kept her out too late though.

Mornin’s gonna come early t’morra….dats fur sure!

Long Islands are my favorite mixed drink. Ever. But they are pretty strong, so if you order one at the beginning of your meal, drink it ASAP and then plan to sit in the booth for a while. Don’t sit in a chair because you could fall out!

Long conversations are my favorite way to visit because you just don’t learn much about the other person in a short, “How’s the weather on your side of town?” type scenarios. Especially when you have a topic to discuss – that’s definately the best! This friend and I have a lot in common – but most importantly besides the Lord – neither one of us has a strong desire to be right about anything… and that’s such a nice change!

Long mornings will be the way I will describe tomorrow morning after it’s over.  I am expected at the dance studio at 8:30am for a run through of my ballet material before I take my teacher’s exam on Friday. I’m so excited about this. I can’t believe I’m ready for it and I can’t believe it’s already here and I am so excited about this! Oh I already said that!

It’s step 1 in my plan… more on that another time.. it’s late.