There is this fantastic face painter at “our” Chik Fil A on Tuesday nights during “Kids Night”. The children love getting their faces painted and every time we go, they pick new designs for their faces. And then they really get into character! My favorite thing about it all is after dinner, taking them to the grocery store, or shopping, and watching other people’s reactions to their faces! The paint usually lasts through the night and by morning the kids are ready to wash up and be “normal” again.

Hannah chose to be a tiger this time! She was so cute and so excited when she saw her new look! She spent the evening saying, “Grrrr….” to everyone who looked at her!
Adri chose Spiderman this time and had fun pretending to be a super hero, but he said his face did freak him out a little bit when he looked in the mirror! The white eyes contrasted against the red face…it was a little dramatic, eh?
Ean had a red scorpion painted on his face and he was in attack mode afterwards ready to strike anyone who got in his way!!!

And of course Claire was our beautiful butterly. I know I’m a bit partial given the whole ballet training thing and all but aren’t her hands and arms just lovely in this picture? She’s really captured the essence of a butterfly! I think she may be a natural!

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