…Most Pathetic Blogger….

LOL! Sorry – I just haven’t had time to sit down and blog. Seriously – I still have photos on my camera from before Thanksgiving. I just haven’t had time to mess with it!!

One night I sat down and was going to “get caught up” and it was taking blogger FOREVER to upload photos…so I gave up and found something else to do.

But here’s some updates on our family for the 5 people who read this blog who already know.

1.) We moved the day after Thanksgiving and are kind of starting to feel settled into the new place. We miss having the park across the street, the tree house (and the tree in general) in the backyard, the culde-sac on the end of the street for riding bikes, the new updated kitchen and bath we left behind, and neighborhood friends.

On the other hand, we are thoroughly enjoying all 2200 sf. of living space!!! It’s really nice to be able to sleep at night and NOT hear every single noise from every single room in the house! (The old house was 930 sf!) We are beginning to do some home improvement projects and look forward to, in a few years, a house that is updated and that fits our personalities a little better. We are thankful to God for His provision in the house though. The Good Lord knew we needed some SPACE or this mama was gonna end up in a mental institution!!!

2) We are beginning the process of turning the garage into a ballet studio. It will be SO NICE to teach from home! I am looking forward to developing my skills as a teacher and turning my studio into a form of regular income to help offset the cost of the new house. LOL! (Girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do…) I began teaching this past fall and have been working with Dr. Tenniswood to prepare me for my Teacher’s Examination for Gr. I ballet. It is coming up in March and I am finally starting to feel as though I MIGHT be ready for it! I have a LOT of work to get all the way through the Level 7 Teacher’s Examination – but I plan to do that. That is the goal – to be a fully trained ballet teacher. I may not have had the opportunity to dance professionally, but maybe I’ll get the opportunity to train a dancer to be a professional ballerina! I think it will be Ean, Hannah or Claire! I can not WAIT to teach my BOYS ballet!! (We’ll have to balance it out with a post-ballet target practicing time or something very masculine!! LOL!!)

3) We are also preparing for Hannah’s impending surgery. She was born with congenital scoliosis and we have been able to hold off on surgery for the past 2 years, but no more. Time for the operation! It will be a major ordeal and there is a 6 month recovery. It is not a “very risky” surgery, but there are certainly serious risks involved. But we’ll get through it. God is faithful. He is in control. Tentatively she is set to have the operation at the beginning of Feb. No date in stone just yet. We’ll find out for sure on Monday. I try and keep her blog updated with medical information as I have it.

4) The kids are all enjoying the Friday Home School Co-op we joined through the SHINE Support Group. Adri and Ean are taking a Lego Stop Action class and then Ean is taking a science course on the life cycle of a butterfly and Adri is in a DRAMA class! They are both having a great time. Hannah has a Preschool class she goes to that she is THRILLED about and Claire has preschool class that I help in and she has a great time too.

5) We are continuing our Bible Study after taking the month of Nov. and Dec. off for personal reasons. The children really enjoy the Bible Study and we were all very pleased to be able to return. My children showed great resiliency and an ability to trust me when I made the difficult decision to pull us out of the Study. It was God’s Providential goodness that allowed us to return, for I had resolved that we would not be able to return at all.

6) The boys will start soccer soon. They are looking forward to it. Even though we will still be dealing with Hannah’s surgery, I thought it was important for the boys to have an outlet. The physical exercise is so vital for them to be able to release stress and anxiety. They are, naturally, very worried about their sister.

7) We’ve totally gone AWOL with the whole Charlotte Mason Home Schooling philosophy. I finally relented and bought a stack of PACES. Worksheets. Lots and lots of worksheets.

AND I LOVE IT! AND THE KIDS LOVE IT! I don’t think we’ll ALWAYS use them from here to graduation (in fact, I know we wont). But we were not getting ANY school work done and we really needed a huge change in order to make some progress. Hannah is actually doing some Gr. 1 school work! Ean is in Grade 1 and Adri is doing everything from Gr. 3 English to Gr. 5 spelling. The best part is – they can be placed where they are and not held back and not rushed. I look forward to a time in my life when things are slow enough that I can do a Konos Unit with them or more of a classical Charlotte Mason style curriculum again. But for now – Paces are sufficient and I’m thankful to know that they DO produce very productive and well rounded students. I know 3 home schoolers who grew up using PACES and are doing VERY well in College!

Ok well that’s about it. I guess it wasn’t as short of an update as I thought it would be. But I did try and keep it concise! (You know I’m long winded – and they don’t have medication for that.)