Nescience: n.s. [from nescio, Latin] Ignorance; the state of not knowing.

Many of the most accomplished wits of all ages, have resolved their knowledge into Socrates his sum total, and after all their pains in quest of science, have sat down in a professed nescience.

Glanv. Sceps. c. ii. [Joseph Glanvill, 1636-1680, philosopher; author of The Vanity of Dogmatising (Scepsis Scientifica) -ed.]

Well I love this quote!  I can totally relate to this quote except I’d reference religion vs. a philosophical or scientific endeavor.

I love what I’m learning from my Rarefied Words posts. Each little card is a nugget of wisdom. I’m adding Glanvill to my list of authors I want to read!