About 2 years ago, when I was in the “postpartum” stage following Claire’s arrival, I stopped at Target to buy a belt to hold up my maternity pants. My regular jeans were too small (even though they were a size 14!!) and my maternity pants were too big (Thank you, God!!). I needed to purchase a size 18 jeans but refused to do so. I really WASN’T a size 18! Good grief! I ONLY weighed 180 lbs! And I was, after all, 3 months post partum… and still wearing maternity pants…. I clearly was simply still recovering from child birth.  Any normal post-partum woman can understand my state of complete denial, I’m sure.

So I needed to buy a belt. I had to buy an XL belt at Target and even then, I had to fasten the belt on the 1st hole – the XL belt was a little snug.

In January of 2005 – I began dieting. I finally came face to face (sort of) with my obesity and began working towards a healthier me. I decided then that I would NOT purchase a new belt until my Cheap Target XL belt was TOO BIG!

Yesterday, when I put on my SIZE 10 JEANS!! I pulled my belt around to the next to last hole. I was actually able to pull the belt all the way around to the LAST hole but that was a little tight. So I put it back on the 2nd hole and there it stayed all day!

I’m so happy to be almost to the point where I get to go buy me a NEW BELT!!  It’s taken almost 2 yrs, but finally…. noticeable progress!

Dieting is not easy. I try to stick to 1200-1400 calories a day – but even then I hit plateau’s which can be frustrating. Presently I’m stuck at 146 lbs. I’ve been sitting here for 2 weeks or longer. I was 151 on September 19th, it’s now October 27th and it’s taken me 5 weeks to lose only 5 lbs. I fully expected to be at 141 by today. *Sigh* Such is dieting. But I press on – towards the goal – looking at my progress and thanking the Lord I’m still not 181 lbs…and knowing that my efforts WILL result in a healthier me, just maybe not in MY timing.