13 Things I’ve Learned About (myself through) Blogging

  1. Sometimes loading a post can take an inordinate amount of time. It’s generally when I’m wanting to blog a short rant about something. By the time the post has loaded, I’ve typically forgotten what it was I was ranting about in the first place. Making the whole thing pointless. I should have just KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!
  2. Leaving anonymous comments is senseless when my IP address reads: (Sarah Walston). The owner of the blog will almost always know it was from ME! Boy have I eaten my pride over that one recently! Lesson Learned – if I feel I need to comment, but am afraid of retribution … it’s probably better I just KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!
  3. For me, blogging is a fun hobby, but it can be that and only that. I don’t ever want to pretend my blog is anything other than the (sometimes boring) musings of a super-busy Mom.
  4. I do not actively publicize my blog. But, neither do I keep it private. Therefore I must always remain aware that what I write can end up hurting someone’s feelings. If (and when) it happens, I must always be ready to immediately remove the offensive or hurtful material as a charitable Christian gesture to those I love. Even when I can’t see things from their perspective.
  5. Real life relationships HAVE ALWAYS BEEN and FOREVERMORE WILL BE more important to me than this blog and any online friends I may make through the blog.
  6. I will not blog about my deeply personal and private reflections/convictions that God has given me unless I can do so while conveying to the reader that I do not hold the absolute truth regarding ANYTHING. Writing in any other manner can lead people into bondage. I can inadvertently place myself in violation of the 9th commandment. I can sway people’s opinions of Scripture. I can cause division among friends. That is not what God means when He calls us to be Truth Bearers.
  7. I am not obligated to link to anyone, nor is anyone obligated to link to me. It is, after-all, a free country. (Ha! How juvenile does that sound!! I couldn’t resist!!)
  8. Blogging can never take priority over my duties as a wife/mother. If my household tasks need attention, or my family needs my attention – I have no business blogging about anything! Isn’t that eating the bread of idleness? Even if I think I have something “important” to blog about. I won’t pretend that my house is spotless everytime I sit down to blog. But the important tasks of the day have been attended to. I will never put my blog before my duty to my family.
  9. I don’t blog jog. I’m highly sensitive to hypocrisy – having been so deeply hurt by it in my past and even recently. I can point out hypocrisy like you might point out a tornado heading straight for you. The times I have blog jogged I’ve been disappointed in the hypocrisy I have discerned while reading on other Christian women’s blogs. I also readily admit, I can be a bit hyper-sensitive regarding what I perceive as hypocrisy and am aware that I might consider something hypocritical when in fact it is not – it’s my own baggage – not theirs. And, perhaps that’s God alerting me to my own hypocrisy in judging others when I should be more concerned about ME. Which is why I don’t like reading the blogs of people I don’t actually know. There’s no accountability between what is written and what is actually lived out in their life. And I may end up judging when I have no business doing so.
  10. I won’t blog about other people’s lives, convictions or morals in a negative light. No matter how thinly veiled and carefully crafted the post is. Because it could hurt people. It could be considered gossippy and meddlesome. And it could sway someone’s opinion of that person. I have no right to do such a thing. And in fact would be in violation of Scripture.
  11. I don’t like blog rings. Even Christian ones. For many of the reasons I listed above. I never was “one of the popular kids” – never ran with the “in crowd” and don’t plan on starting now. I’m 30. I’m so way past all that.
  12. I am never offended when people don’t comment. I don’t always comment on my friend’s blogs. I don’t expect everyone to comment here. Please. As if everything I blog about is interesting enough for people to comment on. LOL!!
  13. I am thankful to have true accountability with this blog. I have a real life friend who I can trust. She will tell me when something I’ve posted is out of line with my goals for this blog. I’m thankful for that. Even when the truth is hard to hear.

Some of these points are recently learned, others I’ve known in my heart all along. I will be spending some time this weekend cleaning up my previous posts so they are in line with this Thursday 13.