Merrythought: n.s. [merry and thought.] A forked bone on the body of fowls; so called because boys and girls pull in play at the two sides, the longest part broken off betokening priority of marriage.

Let him not be breaking merrythoughts under the table with my cousin.

Eachard’s Contempt of the Clergy.

[John Eachard, c. 1639-1697, author of The Ground and Occasions of the Contempt of the Clergy and Religion—ed.]

Now I know better – my daughters shall not partake of this past-time for fear they will break merrythought with a boy of undesirable character. And the same for my sons as well!!

HA! That was fun! Now…you use it in a sentance and leave your thoughts below!

And on a side note: I am going to have to read Mr. Eachard’s book/commentary if I can find it – it sounds intriguing!