Today was “email catch up day”. After getting through with school this morning, getting all the laundry put away, cleaning the kitchen and sending all the children to their respective “quite time activities” – I plopped myself down in my computer chair and cleaned up my email inbox. I had almost 300 emails waiting to be filtered through, replied to, or in some cases, blogged about! I love email – but sometimes it can be overwhelming when I get behind. I have some friends whom I only stay in contact with via email – and even THEY need attention from time to time.

And so, yes, you are somewhat correct in your judgement that I’ve done nothing but blog all afternoon. After all my duties were tended to – I did infact ignore my children all afternoon.

It was a good afternoon.

Here’s a trick for you home schooling moms with children who are “hyperactive”. Invest in a treadmill. I have a child who is definitely hyperactive. He’s not attention deficit, but he is hyper. This morning, before school time, I made him get dressed and run for 20 minutes on the treadmill. He ran for 15 of those minutes. He ran hard some of the time, and others a light jog – but he was required to finish the full 20 minutes. Afterwards we stretched out a bit and he got some water and then I had him sit down and do his school work.

I’ve actually noticed this about him before. He MUST exert a large amount of energy before he is able to sit and focus on book work. Over the summer we had bikes for everyone. We’d go out for an early morning ride – by 7am I’d have all the kids on bikes or in the trailer – and those mornings – when we’d come home from a long ride, Adri would be able to do school work very efficiently.

I’m glad we have a treadmill. Adri might not though…after a few more mornings…. I told him that I was trying to help him build his endurance so he would be able to run the entire 50 minutes of his soccer game! LOL!!

But now it’s time to pack it up at the computer and actually go get dressed for the day. Yes, I’m even still in my pajamas. I need to get dressed before Royce comes home. know you’ve had these sorts of days before too!  They are great when they are few and far between…it’s when they become the norm that you have to really start doing some inner reflection about your priorities!!  LOL!!