Recently someone emailed me the following journaling challenge:

Are you happy?  If so or if not, can you define why?  And, in either case, can you come up with a short statement/definition of the word ‘happy’.

To which I replied:

Happy:  being content wherever God has placed me. It has little to do with the fleshy or worldly position that says happiness is determined by success, however that is measured (money, power, fame, clean house, organized life, etc so on and so forth.)Am I happy?  Yes, I think so, because I am truly content. Not always in flesh, but always in spirit. If we could ever get our flesh to walk in accordance with our spirit – then everyone would always know we are truly happy. I think that’s one of the goals of the Christian Walk.

I’m extending the challenge to you all! Leave your comment below or blog about this on your site and leave me the link!