From my friend, Teresa:

I saw a good quote (and an answer to a statement that you and I have heard MANY times!!)…you may have heard it, but I thought I would pass it on…

“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.”

I just love this!!

Thanks, Teresa, for sharing!! That is a fantastic response to the statement I hear over and over and over again, “My….are they (my four children) ALL yours? Well…you sure have YOUR hands full!”

Sometimes it’s said with admiration…but other times…not. But, it’s always the truth! I do always have my hands full! Raising 4 children is no easy task. And I fail at it daily. Thank God He’s a bigger and better parent than I!

Personally, I think 4 children still qualifies as a small family.  Families don’t really start seeming LARGE to me until they have like 6 or 7 children. Then I kind of think they kinda have a big family. I guess that’s because most of my friends have at least 6 kids – and Suzanne…I’m totally just waiting for her to tell me that she’s expecting #12 anyday now!