Illaqueate: v.a. (verb active [transitive]) From the root word illaqueo, Latin. To entangle; to entrap; to ensnare.

I am illaquated, but not truly captivated into an assent to your conclusion.

More’s Divine Dialogues. [Henry More, 1614-1687, religious writer]


I own this set of cards. If you don’t want to click the link it’s just a deck of vocabulary cards titled, “Rarefied Words For The Well Rounded-Reader from Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of 1755.” I bought it MONTHS ago (April, specifically) at the McNay Art Museum Gift Shop. I bought it for a friend who is a very eloquent speaker and writer and who uses a wide variety of vocabulary words. I thought it would be a fun gift to give her at some point. I never did give it to her. I tucked it away in my closet, saving it for her birthday that was later that month, then forgot about it when I found something else I thought would minister to her more. (And boy, was I ever wrong about that gift! LOL!) Anyway…I stumbled across it this past summer and thought it would be a fun blog theme to start – post a new vocabulary word each week and have some fun with it! But…then…I forgot all about it again.

In a funny twist of fate, I ran across the deck of cards today. While showing them to someone I pulled out the card with the words “To Illaqueate” on the front. We laughed at the funny word and I turned it over and read the definition and the sentence which I’ve posted at the top of this article. I thought to myself, “Oh Mr. Henry More….I don’t know who you are but I SO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!” So, naturally, I had to blog this epiphany moment!

It’s funny…no, it’s really loving how God will use even silly whimsical things like this to settle your nerves and just say, “Hey…I’m here…and I’ve got your back!” Even if it ISN’T Scripture or a heavy handed sermon. These are the little God Moments that I’ve been seeing more and more of in my life the farther I get away from religion and all it’s restraints and the closer I simply begin to pursue a truly intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father. He really is ready and waiting for us to seek Him! He is so faithful!

I’m going to publish a new vocabulary word each week, along with the definition, a sentence to put the word in context and then my commentary. If you are so inclined – join me! Leave a comment using the word in a sentence or post something on your blog about it and leave me your link! I think this will be great fun!