I seriously thought about high tailing it to Austin today to see my therapist because I can actually feel what stress is doing to my body. I’ve had a tingling sensation in a specific spot in my scalp for 2 days now that only is there when I’m enduring a high level of emotional stress. I’ve had a pulsating headache on my left temporal lobe which I’ve noticed comes when I’m feeling anxious about something. My 2nd rib, on the left front ribcage popped out again – probably totally connected to the fact that I had a near full-blown anxiety attack today. Complete with nauseated stomach, pale clammy skin, inability to regulate my breathing, lethargy, persistant muscle tension in my lower back, and I’ve noticed I’m easy to startle today. Along with a litany of other symptoms.

Time for some Motrin and sleep.

Is it a little odd that I follow this post with one titled “Everything’s Ok”?  LOL