Last Wednesday night I spent the evening (from 8pm-1:30am) helping a friend get her house ready to go on the market. At 10:30 I left her house, with her oldest daughter in tow, and ALL THEIR LAUNDRY, and we spent the next 3 hours doing hard, sweaty work washing, drying and folding 22 loads of laundry. Her oldest daughter and I spent 2 hours just standing, folding and sorting. We finally left the laundromat at 1:55am.

I really never knew one could sweat so much in a laundromat. They should seriously install some better ceiling fans.

You might be wondering how one family can have 22 loads of laundry. This family has 10 children living at home. That was probably like just 3 days worth of laundry.

The last time I spent so much time washing laundry was when we had a small oven fire at home when I was in 7th grade. All our clothes had to be washed and dried b/c of the smoke damage. I got to stay home from school and work on the laundry. Between our house and our neighbor’s house we got everything done in one day. Or just about.

Afterwards I took her daughter to eat a very very late dinner. Whataburger at 2am. Nothing better. I did cheat on my diet. But I did it with discretion. I had the Justaburger with bacon and cheese and a small fry and a diet coke. Only a mere 691 calories. That’s way better than the #5 combo – a Bacon Cheese Whataburger with medium fries and diet coke — seriously… 1197 calories!! I sweated at least half of that off during the laundry marathon anyway.

When we pulled up to Whataburger she said, “Oh there’s 3 police cars in the parking lot!” I said, “Good! Then THIS is where we are eating!” She had a puzzled look on her face. I said, “Hey…we’ll be safer here than anywhere else! No one’s gonna rob the store as long as there are all the police cars out there!” I had a “Grafted-moment” in which I actually thought of how dangerous it was for us to be out and about at 2am in San Antonio, Tx. Thank God for the police or we would have gone through the drive through.

Anyone else have any laundry marathon events they’d like to share?

This is kind of a boring blog post isn’t it. Oh well.