I’ve always enjoyed the vocal abilities of Charlotte Church. I may not understand everything she says as some of what she sings is in a foreign language, and while I’m all about big words and all…I’m not learning a new language just so I can sing along with a tune… LOL.


Sadly, though…Charlotte Church is no innocent, demure, “cut above the rest” role model of a young lady anymore! She’s trashy, flashy, and obnoxious. Now she’s just your typical “run of the mill” pop tartlet. See for yourself. Browse her online gallery. Images are telling. What’s in your heart is what shines through…. Beware – not for younger viewers! In addition to giving people the impression that she’s sexually promiscuous, she is also, apparently, anti-Christian.


From Online Article: “Charlotte’s gone from pure- hearted to pure crap. These days, she drinks, she smokes, she curses, she fights, she parties, and she tries very, very hard to shock and offend — like a trashier Lindsay Lohan, only with better pipes.Charlotte has a new talk show in England, where she plays a profanity- spewing hostess who is part Rosie O’Donnell, part Keith Olbermann (she has bashed President Bush as “clueless” and a “twat”) and completely unhinged. The pilot episode featured Charlotte calling Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi, dressing as a nun and pretending to hallucinate while eating communion wafers imprinted with smiley faces (symbolizing the drug Ecstasy). The Catholic News Service reported last month that the pilot also showed Church smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary to reveal a can of fortified wine. To top off her anti-Catholic snit, she stuck chewing gum on a statue of the child Jesus.”


I guess she figured Britney Spears is out of the mix while playing the part of baby machine lately (c’mon, it’s not like she’s actually RAISING those kids she’s producing!) and so Charlotte has decided to step into the mix and take upon her soul the role of “Next Big Pop Artist”. Please, Charlotte, don’t sell your soul to the music industry. They don’t give a rat’s stink about you.


In other more interesting news stories:  Colleges Covet Home-Schooled Students  


Need I really say more?? HOME SCHOOL STUDENTS ROCK!!