I think I heard Grafted’s Fifi use that phrase once and I thought it was so clever. I’ve been waiting to get to use it, appropriately!

So a few days ago while browsing Grafted’s blog and found THIS POST about Halloween and it made me remember something funny!

But first, a preface: Our family does not celebrate halloween. I’ve always identified it as  evil paganesque activity. When I was a young mother I researched it and decided we would not be participating in halloween or ANY of the psuedo-halloween activities often conspicuously disguised as Church Fall Festivals. To me – they were inseparable and we’ve never participated. And my kids haven’t missed out on too much. I find any type of halloween simulated activity to be incompatible with Christians. It’s just…well…hypocritical from my point of reference. But I’m a little black and white like that at times.

Once, a long time ago (or at least it seems like AGES ago) we were involved in a heavily legalistic church that worried over the most minute things that one can not control – like the funny things kids say when they don’t really even understand what they are saying!
At this particular home church we had to park our vehicles over a mile from the house and be shuttled back and forth. This was a real pain in the rear. But it was what it was. When you have 250 people worshipping in your home every Sunday, you just can’t park ALL those cars down your street and every side street! LOL!

Well, one Sunday in October we were leaving right after service and not staying for the weekly pot luck lunch and one of our deacons asked if we could give him a ride back to his car. (Royce had left church early and walked the mile or so to the car and driven it back to the house – so our car was in the drive way.) We gladly obliged and said Deacon climbed into the car. Thankfully this particular Deacon was one the GRACIOUS one! The other Deacon and our one Elder…not so gracious on the surface level…

Anyway, everyone was in the van and we were driving back to the parking lot and Adri, then about 4 1/2 yrs old, pipes up and says, out of the CLEAR BLUE, “I love this time of year. Halloween is my favorite holiday!”

Royce and I were immediately fear-stricken! What would this elder think?!?! What would he tell the others? How could Adri say that? We’ve never even CELEBRATED halloween! Where did that even come from??

I reply, “Really…that’s interesting. Why is it your favorite holiday?”

At this point Elder had a very concerned look on his face. I can imagine he was thinking, “Heathen child! Mental note: my kids will not play with the Walston kids!”

And Adri’s response to my question?  Simple. “Oh I love halloween. Well not halloween but the day after halloween when all the candy goes on sale and we go to HEB real early to get the best pick!”

Royce and I laughed, but it was more of a stress relief vs. a comedic chuckle!

Good answer, Adri! Good answer!

The Elder didn’t look convinced.

It took about 3 more years of nagging to get the Elder of that church to baptize Royce and I. In hindsight, I think it was probably lots of little “secular” comments like these made by my Adri to other church folk that caused them to question our salvation – it’s the only thing I can think of that would make a church elder deny someone BAPTISM and thus the right to partake in the communion table for 3 long years!