This week we started working on our lapbooks again. If you don’t know what a lapbook is, just google the word and you will instantly be overwhelmed with the amount of information you can find on the web. If you are like me, you will also instantly shut down the idea of entertaining such activities.

Thankfully, I have a local resource who is so knowledgeable about how to go about making lapbooks WITHOUT stressing yourself and the children out. She’s AMAZING!!! (Check her out at

Anyway – so we’ve been working on “All About Me” lapbooks. Here’s a photo of the children working on their “Favorites Look Book”. I just wanted to blog this so I could prove to people that I do NOT make my kids do boring (not my definition!) workbook pages ALL the time. 🙂 Yes, I admit it, I love workbooks. And so do my children. And so, we’re all good with it for now. But this week we’ve taken a break from workbooks and are focusing on finishing our lapbooks.

We should finish them up Friday afternoon and I’ll post a photo of the completed projects then! Or sometime thereafter. You know…like in a month or so.


And anyway, my new home schooling philosophy is: 3 R’s until High School. Period. (That’s reading, writing and arithmetic, btw, if you don’t know what “3 R’s” refers to. Interestingly enough … only 1 word actually starts with an R…how absurd….)

There. That should ruffle a lot of feathers! I’m satisfied…. HAHAHAHA