In response to HeartsDesire’s question on what’s a person to do about boycotting godless corporations:

I am mulling over publishing my thoughts on this whole “boycott any business that has removed the name of Christ from Christmas” brew-haha (is that how you spell that saying??).

Mulling…not sure about publishing it… because I don’t think my perspective is going to sit well with many people.

ESPECIALLY my Christian friends.

So…I’ll continue to pray about it and if/when God gives me clarity of thought, I’ll post.

But for the record, I’m not boycotting any company that says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Please. As if that’s the most important thing we have to worry about. More power to those who worry with such tedious matters. I simply don’t care enough. And I’m not being sarcastic – I mean it. I simply do not care what Walmart, Sams, Target, HEB or any other business says in their SEASONAL promotions (how about that one?!?)