Happy Birthday, Ean!

Today you turned SEVEN years old! I’m having a hard time with this you know. You can’t possibly be SEVEN already! When did this happen? Just yesterday you were my wrinkly, pink, squishy newborn.

I have to say it now. I hate that children grow up so fast. Don’t worry, it’s not personal – all mother’s feel this way!

We continued our new tradition of letting the birthday person pick what they wanted to eat for their birthday breakfast and you chose cinnamon rolls! And not just ANY cinnamon rolls, but the new “flaky” ones from Pillsbury with Cinnabon filling inside and vanilla icing on top. Shame on you! Don’t you know I’m dieting!?! That’s ok – it’s your birthday. And yes, I snuck a bite of Claire’s. Shh…she doesn’t know. HA!

You are growing up into such a responsible and obedient son. I’m delighted at the relationship you are growing with your Saviour, Jesus Christ. It warms my heart to know that you pray every night after the lights go out. And that you do delight in your Bible studies and you deeply care about everyone’s salvation. And you have overcome some pretty hard sin patterns this year. I am rejoicing with you that you were able to receive God’s instructions and admonitions regarding the areas in which Satan was tempting you to be disobedient to your Christian Walk. I marvel at how, when confronted with your sin, you turned your heart to your parents and to God and trusted us to know what was best for you. And you had VICTORY over the Devil in these instances! Like a light switch – you stopped some pretty serious sinful habits you had formed. I’m so proud of you for that!!

I know God has given you a tender heart, a loving heart, a gentle heart – and you know, Ean, it is from tender and gentle and loving little boys like you that God raises up Kings to rule over His nations. May God raise you up to be the King He desires you to be. Be it a King who lovingly and tenderly rules over his own family – or a King who lovingly and justly rules over a nation. I know God is going to do something great with your life. You are destined for it – because you are HIS!

(Now, we just have to break the eating of the boogers habit and I’ll be one happy mama…and yes, I blogged that on purpose….)

And now – for the funniest thing you have said all year long!

And I quote:

Ean (with a coy look on his face): Mom, I feel like I need to share something with you. I feel like there’s something in my heart that I need to tell you.

Mom (with much suspicion): Oh, ok Ean, what is it?

Ean (trying to be serious, but with a quirk on his face): Well, I just feel like… I don’t know… I just feel like something is missing in my life. Like there’s something I am supposed to have but don’t. I feel an emptiness inside.

Me (questioning where this is going!): Well, Ean, have you thought about this and asked God to show you what that something is?

Ean: Yes! I have! I asked God … what is that one thing I’m missing??

Me: Ok, well, What did God tell you?

Ean: Uh…. BIONICLES?!?!?!

((If you don’t get it – you probably don’t have boys. Bionicles have been the “free” toy at McD’s all month. I generally do not buy kids meals – but this time I broke down, and I bought the boys a kids meal so they could get the “free” toy. And Ean has not stopped talking about Bionicles ever since. I’m sorry I ever bought that dumb happy meal!!!))

But I just HAD to blog this conversation, Ean, I hope you don’t mind. It was just TOO FUNNY!!

Happy Birthday, Funny Boy!