A short recap from the games last weekend:

Ean scored FOUR GOALS at the last soccer game! GO EAN!! He is at least a head taller than any other 7 yr old on his team – and he is the youngest I think! LOL!

Hannah, in her true form, stood on the field …. refused to play and refused to let someone come in for her. That’s my girl! I’d have done the same thing. In fact, I remember quite clearly simply walking up and down the soccer field during the game BORED OUT OF MY MIND! I liked practicing soccer – but I didn’t care for the competition part of soccer. Hannah is a lot like me – we’re more into the personal challenges in life. Not so much “team players”. Hmm…that explains a lot doesn’t it….

Adri did great – he played a whole quarter (25 minutes) and then part of the last quarter. His goal is to play the whole game like Esteban and …. that other boy…. I forget his name. He really tries hard on his team – but his team is pretty disorganized. It’s not really their fault … they haven’t had any real good coaching until the last 2 weeks when Royce was asked to help coach the practices.