From Beverly:

…..Dan’s flight home tomorrow has been delayed.  It
seems there are mechanical problems with the plane.  His new departure date
is Wed….maybe…. I’d like to just jump on a plane and head over there,
but just as sure as I would, then we would cross paths in the air.  It’s
hard to be patient….

I did talk to Dan this morning.  He had just gotten out of OR again.  He was
in quite a bit of pain.  I’m not sure what procedure they did this
morning…so don’t have many details other than he said his right leg was
numb and he was sweating profusely…He sounded very uncomfortable.  But the
nurses were there attending to him. I just have to trust that they were able
to stabilize the situation.

Dan did call home a little later and talked to Heidi.  I was off getting
medicine for Heidi because she has come down with a double ear infection.
She’s been getting worse ever since she got home.  Tomorrow she leaves to go
back to school with medicine in hand…What’s a mother to do…???

They have transferred Dan’s buddy, SSG Robertson (notice his rank…I had it
wrong before…)ooops…  He left Germany on Sunday.  I’m not sure why they
decided to send them separate… Hopefully they will meet up again in MD.
Somehow I will get him the messages that all of you have been sending.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news…By His Grace, Bev