From Bev:

We were able to talk to Dan again yesterday.  Some good news is that his
buddy that lost his foot in the battle has been moved to Daniel’s room.  The
plan is for the two of them to be transferred to the states together.  I’m
glad they have each other to get through this ordeal.  Maybe they won’t
focus so much on their own pain. This soldier’s name is SPC Robertson.
Please add him to your prayer list.  Losing a foot at any age would be
tough. I believe that he is close to Daniel’s age (22).

The next good news is that they are scheduled to come stateside on Tuesday.
Barring any other set backs, that means that we should be able to go see him
in Maryland either Wed or Thurs.  Yea!

Yesterday, when I talked to Dan he sounded stronger, but did say that his
fourth toe is looking a little grey.  However, he still has feeling in it;
so they haven’t given up hope on it yet.  It sounds like the hospital staff
is doing a wonderful job keeping these young men comfortable.  I can’t wait
to go see for myself!  😉

We’ve been trying all day to get through to him again, but haven’t had much
luck.  I’m sure weekend staff is more limited than on weekdays.  At least
that’s my conclusion, anyway. 😉  I will update again when I know something
of significance.  ….by the way, I am keeping track of how many of you are
praying for them.  I am going to take him a list so he can see just how many
people care about our soldiers….thank you for your gift of prayers.  If
you’d like to send a message to him or SPC Robertson, you can email it to me
and I will hand deliver it to them this week.

You can email letters/prayers to byhisgrace404 AT . I won’t post the actual email address b/c of spammers. Just remove the “AT” and replace with the @ sign.