A few weeks ago I went in the backyard to play with the kids. I immediately spotted a small garden snake in the grass and excitedly directed the children’s attention to it. Claire was so excited! She asked, “I hold it? Help catch it?” (She asks this about any and every animal she sees these days – it’s totally cute!) So Ean grabbed a cup that was sitting on the back porch and Adri brought me a small stick and I carefully picked up the snake and dropped him in the cup.

And then handed the cup to Claire.

Here’s a video of Claire and her pet snake. I can’t embedd it into the blog, but you can click the link to see it.

Anyway after a little while I explained to Claire that we were going to have to let the snake go. She wasn’t so sure about this idea. But I carried her and the snake over to the back corner of the yard, and we dumped the snake out, over the fence, in the NEIGHBOR’S back yard. (hee hee) No, seriously, not to be mean – but just to give Claire the visual reference that the snake was NO LONGER in our yard.

And boy…did she ever CRY! She was totally and completely heart broken. And I felt terrible! She spent the next couple of minutes yelling, “My Nyakee, My Nyakee” and sobbing a pitiful sob. But, alas, she has to learn – wild animals are wild for a reason.

But that is the origin of this photo, which is now the image I’ve selected for our blog and appropriately titled it, “The Story of Our Life.”

You know, in my classically satirical style. I’m not sure anyone else gets the allusion, but that’s OK! I’m happy in my own little world.