Tomorrow, I’m going to sit my boys down and read this story to them. It’s the news story about what happened to Daniel.

Then I’m going to answer whatever questions they have.

Then I’m going to tell them that Daniel was injured in that battle.

No, I haven’t told them yet. I was waiting until I had more solid information.

They LOVE their cousin Daniel – even though it’s been years since they’ve seen him. They have been praying for him since he left for the war. They talk about writing him letters all the time (Sorry Dan.. I’m really bad about following through on mailing stuff.)  They’ve drawn him pictures (again, sorry Dan…um…Bev, get us his address ASAP and we’ll mail stuff…OK?)

I’m not sure they are going to understand, entirely, what has happened. And I pray God’s guidance in the discussion. My Ean, who is 7, has been struggling with trusting God for our safety. He worries all the time that I’m going to die and leave him here “without a Mama”.  I don’t want him to worry more than necessary!

The story is very sad. Please pray for our soldiers. And all the allied forces. God bless them all for their sacrifices.