Last night, which was supposed to be the night I spent vegging out on my blog.. I laid down with my baby Claire (who is 2 1/2 and OH SO CUDDLY AND SWEET) at 9:30 b/c she was having a hard time getting to sleep.

Next thing I know I’m waking up to a state of total confusion! Where was everyone? What day was it? If it’s Saturday where is Royce? Why is the house so quiet? And why is it so bright in my bedroom? What time is it? Oh man…did I really sleep with this bra on??

It was 7:20am. I actually slept 10 hour straight. And I had DREAMS!  Good dreams!  Weird dreams! I don’t even know if any of the kids got up last night – I certainly didn’t hear any of them.

Anyway – I have some errands to run this morning – but this afternoon will be spent on the computer getting caught up on emails, research and BLOG POSTS.

Also – for an update on Dan, see “Random Jems” blog (link on the blogroll). She posted the latest email. I will post it here later too – but now I gotta run and go pick up some Creative Memories products!!  FUN FUN FUN!