You can tell the title came from Bev. We count their tiny toes when they are newborn, never considering that one day they will all be totally severed from their foot in an aggressive act of war – someone wanted Dan dead. Simply because he was breathing. That reality of war is so foreign to us isn’t it? Thank God there are soldiers (young and old) willing to protect our country.  May God bless Presiden Bush for doing what Clinton was too cowardly to do. Can you imagine if a Democrat ever gets office before this war is over?  I believe this will happen, and I also believe that our country will not turn from the evil direction it has been headed for years until we have full blown war on our soil again.

My Mom made a great point regarding my cousin’s experience in war. My Grampa was 16 when he joined the Merchant Marines and was shipped off to WWII. But he was a different breed of man. Boys back then WERE men by the age of 16. The 18 yr olds who are running off to join the Army are not men prepared for battle. They are boys. With backpacks full of XBox’s, iPod’s, and MySpace blogs. Think I’m joking – I’m not.

If anything, this whole situation with Daniel has taught me that I, we…Royce andI, we need to be actively preparing our sons for whatever duties they may face in the years ahead- as MEN prepared for whatever God requires of them.  And my girls too – not to go to battle, but to be prepared to be the women those men will need. Strong women. Strong men. That is our duty.

Update from Bev:

Hey Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Daniel.  First of all, he wanted me to thank
all of you for the many prayers spoken on his behalf.  I’m trying to save
all of them so that he can have a glimpse of the number of people that have
been bathing him in prayer.

Second, the procedure that he endured this morning went very well.  They
were able to wash out and bandage all of his wounds.  I’m still not sure
what exactly they have done to his right foot, but the nurse told me that
all the pins and wires are stable.  They cleaned up the area and doused it
with medication and new bandages.  The nurse told me that his 5 toes on his
right foot are rosy pink.  There’s quite a bit of damage to the bone area
where to toes attach themselves to the foot.  But for now, everything looks
as it should be.

There are no orders for him to be transported immediately. Dan still thinks
that he will head for the states on Sunday.  Where he is coming to is still
not determined for sure.  He says one thing and we are told another.  I am
just so thankful that he is getting the medical treatment that he needs and
he’s got so many prayer warriors covering that and every other detail, too.

My daughter, Heidi, is coming home tonight for her first trip home from
college.  I can’t wait to hug her!  We’ll call Dan again tomorrow and let
her talk to him then.

Once again, thank you for your concern and for your prayers. By His Mighty
Hand, Dan’s life has been spared.

By His Grace,