I have to admit – I got overwhelmed by The Grocery Game and didn’t participate for a few weeks. But, I’m back in the game and Sunday I managed to get all organized and get to HEB. I purchased $198.00 worth of groceries for $148.00 – saving right at $50.00 with coupons. And out of all that, I only purchased a couple of junk items!
Awesome deals:

Dannon Wigglers Jello and Yogurt Cups

HEB had them marked 2 for $3.00. I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off 1 pack of Wigglers. That brought the price down to $0.50 per package. Each package had 4 cups in it. So, I paid 12.5 cents per cup. And this was a great deal, especially sine the kids thought the Wigglers were disgusting! They’ve been asking me to “try them out” for a few weeks but I refused b/c they are just JUNK FOOD disguised as something healthy!

Pillsbury Ready To Bake Cookies

HEB had them on sale 2/$4.00. I had a coupon for $1.00 off 2 pkgs, bringing the total cost to $1.50 each package. I took one over to my friend (her quote is below!) and left one package for the kids to enjoy. We tried the Smores flavor and they are YUMMY!!!

Ball Park Franks

HEB had them on sale for $1.17 per pack of 8. I had 4 coupons @ $0.55 off 1 package of Ball Park Franks. At the store they were actually marked down to $0.88 per package. So I bought 4 packages of hot dog franks for $0.33 each! Now that is savings! So I paid $0.04 per hot dog! Ok – so these aren’t “healthy” by any means – but they are a meal for our family. Nitrates and all.

Hormel All Natural Turkey Lunch Meat

HEB had them on the “Meal Deal”. If you bought the turkey meat (nitrate free!!) you got a free loaf of bread and free dijon mustard. I also had a coupon for $0.55 off 1 pkge of the Hormel All Natural Lunch Meats. So, for $2.92 I purchased the lunch meat, 100% whole weat bread and dijon mustard. I had 5 coupons, so I purchased 5 “Meal Deals”. All together I spent $14.60 and got 5 pkgs of meat, 5 loaves of bread and 5 bottles of mustard = $0.97 per unit! The bread normally retails for $1.29/loaf and the mustard was $1.19/bottle – so it was a TRUE BARGAIN!

Guess what we’re having for lunch and dinner all week…. LOL!

Success Brand Instant Brown Rice Mixes (Like Lipton Rice but with whole grain brown rice)

HEB had them on sale for $0.99. I had 7 coupons for $1.00 off ONE package of this specific item. I purchased 7 packages of rice and HEB paid me $0.07 to take the rice out of the store!!

Buitoni  Pasta and Sauce

Buitoni Tortellini was on sale 2/$3.00. I had a coupon for $1.00 off any Buitoni Pasta – which brought the price per package to $0.50. Buitoni Pasta Sauce was also on sale2/$3.00. I had another coupon for $1.00 off any Buitoni Pasta Sauce.  I had 3 coupns for the pasta and 3 for the sauce – all in all I spent $3.00 on 3 pkgs of pasta and 3 bowls of sauce. Granted these are small packages – being able to buy them in bulk made it worth my time.  3 pkgs are enough to feed my family 0f 6 – and being able to feed them tortellini and pasta sauce for $3.00 is a great bargain! Cheaper than buying the HEB brand Tortellini and Pasta Sauce.

There were other really great savings too, but those are my favorite ones!

The key to saving is having multiple coupons so you can buy in bulk when things are at rock bottom prices. I wished I had 10 more coupons for the ball park franks and the lunch meat special!