Cousin Injured in War….

My cousin Daniel has been stationed in Afghanistan this past year. He is barely 24 yrs old. His parents have a strong faith and powerful walk with the Lord. I am not sure what to pray, except that God’s will be done here. My flesh says that it would be beneficial if he could lose a few toes b/c that would mean he’d be disabled and sent home permanently. I don’t want my cousin to suffer – I am humbled by the sacrifice he’s made for all of us.  I don’t want him to have to go back. Pray his legs and feet heal and God would call him into a vibrant walk with Him. My Aunt has always prayed that Daniel would be a Soldier in God’s Army.  Let it be so. Let it be soon.
Trusting in Rom. 8:28 and praying for my cousin – will you pray too? And for my Aunt Bev, Uncle Roy and their daughter, Heidi.  These are difficult times for them.
Email from my Aunt Bev:

Okay, I think most of you know by now that Dan was injured in a mortar
attack this past evening.  After the initial call from one of the captains,
we received a call from Dan.  What a relief to hear his sweet voice!!!  He
sounded very groggy and was probably still in a little bit of shock.  Both
legs were badly injured.  He said he has holes in both legs and his right
leg and foot are broken.  They had to reattach a few of his toes.  So there
is a chance he may loose them.  He did have a head injury, but he said he
didn’t think it was bad.  He said there was so much blood on his face that
he thought he was blind.  How scary that must have been!

He is being sent to Germany sometime today.  I’m not sure how the process
will go.  I’m sure they will re-evaluate his injuries in Germany before they
decide when he can come home.  I will send out another update as I get more

Please pray for the remaining soldiers in his unit.  They were still under
attack when Dan was evacuated.  The Taliban are not letting up.  Our
soldiers need every bit of support that we can give them.


PS.  Thanks for your many notes of encouragement and prayers

You can email Bev and send her a note of encouragement if you feel led

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  1. Oh Sarah, I just got this same e-mail and came over to let you know I am praying for Dan and his unit. Do you mind if I pass this on on my blog? I would really like to get many people praying here. Aussuming you won’t mind the extra prayer, I will go ahead and post it. I will take it down if you say no. BIG HUGS to your and Beverly. I know it was good for her to hear his voice. I am praying he will get to come home.


  2. Lord of Heaven & Earth. I am coming before Your throne of grace and humbly ask You for Your healing touch on Daniel. Lord, give comfort and peace to Daniel’s parents as they are awaiting their his return from the battle field. I pray this in the precious name our our Lord and Savior, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


  3. My brother was a soldier so I know the fear that comes with watching a loved one fight in battle. I pray that your family will have strength and peace in this trying time and that Daniel will heal quickly and fully.


  4. Sarah thanks for the post…It is good to kknow that so many people are praying for my brother and family!…I did want to mention though that you put Daniel’s age as 24 and He is still 22 and won’t be 23 until Feb…haha…don’t worry hun you will get our ages down one day…hey if you thought he was 24 does that mean that you thought I was 20? haha…brings me that much closer to the legal age…jk of course ; )
    I love ya bunches gally


  5. I’ve known you’re dear Aunt Bev since college. I know that she will hold on to God like no one else. God is our healer and our comforter. I pray for Daniel and his family for that.


  6. We will definately be lifting him up in prayer. We know that he is in the Lord’s hands and a miracle will be done. We will also be praying for his family. We love you guys!


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