I’m jumping on the band wagon.

Thirteen of My Random Thoughts From Today – the ugly, the bad and…eventually…the good:

  1. Mommy DearestLiving in a big city is OK unless you have to run lots of errands and you save them all for one day and you think you are going to be Mrs. Efficiency and you end up finding yourself behaving like Mommy Dearest and your children don’t deserve it but it’s like 200 degrees outside and you really just can’t control your psycho moment. (This didn’t happen today…but it has happened….and not just on one occassion!)
  2. It is really important for women (and girls) to know how to take care of vehicles. One fellow mom I know wouldn’t even let her daughter learn to drive until the teenager knew how to change the oil, change tires, check and fill the radiator, and fully understood every basic function of her car. I thought about this the other day when I had to put air in one of my tires and I had no tire-air-check-thingy and I stood at the air pump at the gas station contemplating how to actually go about airing up that tire… Seriously. I need to take a basic automotive maintenance class I think. But not anytime soon – who has time for THAT???
  3. Going to the movies is fun. Going to the dollar movies on Monday when they give you a huge discount is even more fun. Going to the movies and getting free admission and free popcorn just because you donated a few cans of food to the local food bank – awesome!
  4. I think I need to stop eating at McD’s all together. Between the mercury issue, the pedophile issue and my recent trip (in which Claire peed on the floor and some guy came in the playscape seemingly looking for hidden drugs) I really think maybe I need to find a different fast food crutch. You’d think the horribly unhealthy food would be enough of a deterrant. Oddly enough, I have a lunch date tomorrow scheduled with my best friend…at McD’s…and she thinks I’m absolutely nuts to even CONSIDER boycotting McDonalds.
  5. Thursdays are my absolute favorite day of the week. We have a crazy schedule – Bible Study from 10:30-12:30, Piano from 1:30-3, Ballet from 3-4:30, Soccer from 6:30-7:30, dinner for 12 people at 7pm, baths for 7 children at 8pm, and kids to bed by 8:30pm. But the whole day is spent with my mother, mysister and her children – and I LOVE it!
  6. Sometimes I find myself thinking in my head as if I’m writing a blog. It’s weird. Really weird. And I don’t even write in my blog every day. Does anyone else do this??
  7. One of my friends told me that when she’s with me, she just lets herself go. I think this friend and I could get into a lot of trouble together if we weren’t both God-fearing Christians. Thank God for accountability.
  8. The little girls in my ballet class are so incredibly adorable! I am also impressed with the big girls that are taking the Ballet I course! For 4 11 yr olds who’ve never had any ballet training – their carraige is beautiful. They are going to make some delightful ballerinas. I’m so thankful that God has opened this door for me. He is faithful. Teaching ballet is a real treat for me.
  9. I think a lot of crazy things in my head all day. Why is it hard to come up with 13 to jot down here?
  10. I really want to keep up with this Thursday Thirteen thing. I think it’s kinda neat. But I also think I need a theme each Thursday. Because, personally, this is a really dumb post all together, IMO.
  11. If I started this on Thursday, but it’s technically Friday when I finish it, does it count as Thursday or Friday post?
  12. If it’s a Friday Post, then it’s not really Thursday Thirteen anymore and I’ve messed the whole thing up.
  13. YAY!  I got to #13!  I’m so excited! And I’m so sorry you had to read through this painfully dreadfully boring post.

I’m going to bed now….