“I had a good day yesterday….I just want to tell you all about it and proclaim God’s goodness…I had a really good day….Everything went MY way!!”

Teaching Director for Community Bible Study

I laughed SO HARD! When she started her large group lecture off with this opening statement I knew IMMEDIATELY that I had to blog it. Doesn’t it fit perfectly on my blog, which is subtitled, “It’s all about ME!”??

And, so for the record, you all do know that’s pure literary satire at it’s finest, right?? I don’t really have an “all about me” attitude…I just thought it would be a funny subtitle since the blog is MY blog with MY name on it and MY photo and I’m the only one who writes the articles…etc… so on and so forth. I have been accused of being a self-serving Christian [btw: that’s what any good English teacher would identify as an oxymoron!] simply because of my subtitle. And yes, I did laugh at the accusers audacity…