On Sept. 7th I started a new Bible study. My last attempt at studying scripture was not very productive since I stopped only a few days after starting. I think I blogged about it some – but basically life got in the way and I lost my resolve and that was that.

But on Sept. 7th I started again. This morning I just finished the 2nd week’s assignment. I am always amazed at how, when I will put the time and effort into studying God’s Word, no matter what book, verse or passage – it is ALWAYS RELEVANT to my present situation. I’m blown away at how totally and completely adequate God’s word is to discipling Christians in their walk.

Christians need strong discipleship. But it’s no one else’s responsibility except our own. I can’t count on 25 hands, the number of times I’ve whined about needing “discipleship” and blaming others for not meeting this need. How assinine of me when GOD’S WORD is sitting on my bookshelf! How utterly offensive to God and Christ and the Holy Spirit to see such an ungreatful heart towards Him and His provision! His word is wholly adequate, completely true, gentle but firm, and contains all the discipleship I truly need. Yes, it’s nice to have a commentary here – or a devotional there – I’m not discounting the millions of sermons that have been written over the years by all God’s ministers. What I am saying is that a modern day Christian has only ONE excuse for not having an intimate relationship with God and not knowing how to live a Holy Life, that is set apart. And that excuse is their own lack of responsibility in pursuing a relationship with Go – who can then perfectly disciple them!

As I finished up this week’s lesson it just really hit me how much time I have wasted in NOT pursuing a truly intimate relationship with God. Yes, I know Jesus saved me. Yes, I understand, on a very deep and personal level my election to salvation. I know Grace abounds. I will never forget the moment all was revealed to me and I understood my dying need for Christ. And I didn’t let that minute pass by.


It’s been a long 8 years. I’ve wasted a lot of time. Thank God that time is just a small part of our life here on earth. I have an eternity to spend with God. And I know that one day I will experience the fullness of Christ and I will spend eternity praising God. However, I want some of that NOW! God is waiting, ready and able…

I was also reminded, through this study, of how important friends are. Christian friends are God’s gift to believers! Treat them as such. Especially your Christian Sisters. They are precious and important and God will hold you accountable in how you handle those relationships. Love them “earnestly, from the heart” . That’s not always easy, especially when they have deeply hurt you. But – God is right – they are a gift not to be tossed aside as yesterday’s bread crusts. How timely.