In January of 2005, I was watching Dr Phil and he was beginning his yearly weight loss “New Years Resolution” show. I felt sorry for all the extremely overweight people that were coming onto the stage to make a very public declaration of their commitment to weight loss. There were men and women on stage weighing in around 300lbs! “Poor things,” I thought to myself, “That must be terrible to be that overweight. At least I’m not *that big*.” (That statement is typically uttered by overweight people who are in total denial about their situation.)

And then a young woman in her early 30’s came on stage. She was going on and on about how she needed to lose weight and she was obese and she was worried about her health, etc. so on and so forth. I was not really listening to her as much as I was staring at her in total shock: she was my age, was my height and she weighed my weight: 181 lbs. In a moment of truth, I literally saw myself standing on Dr Phil’s stage telling the world how fat I was.

Still in shock that someone “my size” would need to be worried about her health and asking Dr Phil for help, I proceeded to look up the dreaded BMI chart. And yes. There it was. In black and white. Borderline Obese. My Body Mass Index was 30.9. Anything over 30 is considered obese.

So it was then that I began dieting. January, 2005. It’s been a LONG road. Full of ups and downs. Including yo-yo dieting this past spring which left me losing and gaining the same 10lbs, twice. Not fun.

I can’t accurately recall all the numbers now. But I started in January of 2005 at 181. I lost 15lbs and was down to 166 by July of last year. I stopped dieting on a trip to Dallas and by January of 2006 I was back up to 174. I started dieting again, this time with an accountability partner, and eventually got down to 159. I hit an emotional bump in the road, and that threw the diet out the window. I eventually climbed back up to 165 and then began dieting again and got down to 155. And then another bump and I was back up to 165. And that’s when I got serious about dieting.

That was 6 weeks ago.

Today I stepped on the scale and I weighed in at 151. My BMI is 25.1. I’m ALMOST NORMAL!!!! Anything over 25 is considered “Overweight”. In another week or so I’ll be “normal” – according to the BMI chart. I, personally, won’t be through dieting until I’m down to 125lbs. I still have 25lbs to go. I’m more than halfway there though. 30 lbs, gone. Totally and completely gone.

But tonight it really struck me just how overweight I was, and how much I still have to do. Claire, my 2 1/2yr old, weighs 26lbs. I was holding her, and running after a soccer ball, and she was SOO heavy…and I realized that she was the equivalent of the weight I had dropped. The big heavy kid I was holding in my arms as I ran across the field weighed as much as the amount of fat I’ve shed off my body in the past 21 months.

And I still have the weight of 1 more 2 1/2 yr old to drop before I consider myself “done” with dieting. But you know – I know I can do it. I’ve come this far. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

Tonight, I was the thinnest mom at Adri’s soccer practice. That felt good. Made up for this afternoon, when I went to the ballet store to get a leotard, tights and shoes for me, they had to dig out the “large” leotard from storage. That was the sobering reminder to press on and finish this journey to find my waistline!!!! HAHAHAHA!