Realtor is on his way home to write up a contract.

He will email it to me, I’ll print it off, we’ll sign it and he’ll come pick it up.

He’ll fax it over to the listing agent tonight and then we’ll just be praying the sellers will accept the offer. It’s a pretty solid offer. Full price. They purchase the survey and a home warranty, and maybe chip in a bit on closing costs.

And since I know you are dying to see what it looks like: Here it is!  It is LITERALLY just around the corner from a golf course and there’s a pool close by. The lot is HUGE and the house has an open feeling to it, is well lit (lots of windows), clean, on a nice street in a nice subdivision, and “has good bones” as Grafted might say. The space is amazing- only 3 bedrooms but they are big, and the living areas are quartered off nicely. I still can’t get over how big the lot is!

I counted – we’ve looked at around 35 homes – give or take a few I may have forgotten about – and I really was beginning to think we just weren’t gonna find anything!

We are SO excited!