On Saturday, September 16th, Royce’s employer provided the local employees and their families to spend the day at Sea World! Complete with private animal encounters, lots of free goodies, and a catered lunch! What a treat! We didn’t take very many pictures, but here are a few of the fun ones that we did capture.

All of Claire, of course. Actually, the other kids had a good time – but Claire was so engaged at Sea World – she loved the animal encounters more than anything else. Oh and she was totally entranced by Shamu and the other killer whales during the “Believe”performance! We all were – it was really amazing to watch!

There were plenty of things about Sea World I disliked. We actually will not be taking the children again except during a Home School Day. We thought the atmosphere was extremely family UNfriendly. But, every September Sea World hosts a day just for home schoolers in the park. The water park and rides are shut down and the park caters to the home schoolers who want to learn about the animals housed by Sea World. They even do a couple of shows for us! Not this year, but definitely next year – we’ll be there!

Claire, touching the big iguana during an animal encounter provided for the CC employees. Claire wasn’t scared at all – she was so excited actually – giggling through the whole thing! I think she could have stood there all day petting that big lizard!!

During another animal encounter we met a Cockatoo. She was so pretty. And she’d talk to you! Claire thought this was hilarious. We stood there talking to and laughing at that bird for quite a while! Claire really had a good time with this bird.

Here we are looking at the GINORMOUS coral reef aquarium. It’s probably the single most beautiful thing at Sea World. There are HUGE sting rays in the reef and fish of all kind. It’s beautiful. Claire was totally taken back by how big it all was. She’s just so innocently curious about everything!

I would gasp and then she’d gasp and then I’d gasp and then she’d gasp…. you get the idea…