The house we liked on Sunday has already gone under contract.

This is EXACTLY what happened to us last spring. We put the house on the market and it “sold” in 3 days. Then, every house that we found that we liked (which wasn’t a lot!) would be “under contract” within 24 hrs of us looking at it.

So today I went around and looked at some more. There are 3 that are good possibilities. But they all have drawbacks. The one I like the best has obvious settling of the foundation. But the effects look minimal. It has a huge backyard and good sized front yard, the floor plan is really great, the rooms are spacious and it’s clean. It is in a fantastic location and will be EASY to sell later on, if we need to. Realtor is going to get the seller’s disclosure and any other documentation tomorrow and go over it with us. The big disadvantage to this house is the settling, obviously, and the fact that it’s not on a culdesac.

There is another one that is in great condition – but it has a lot of wasted space and the bedrooms are all crammed together in one corner of the house (as we are now). And there’s only 3 bedrooms. It’s not that I necessarily LIKE the “split master” floorplan – I just really don’t like feeling crammed in.  However that one has a HUGE LOT – it sits on the end of a culdesac and it’s a gigantic fenced in lot WITH a covered hot tub in the back yard! And total privacy – the side yard slopes down into a drainage ditch – so there’s plenty of front yard space as well. AND it’s on a culdesac – so the kids can ride bikes, etc while I sit in the front yard. That’s a huge advantage for us.

And then there was one more that I really liked – but it backed up to a major road and it was, at 2pm, noticeably noisy – worse than the first one that was close to a highway!! So – NO WAY!

So there are 2 possibilities. Hopefully they won’t be “contract pending” before we can blink. We have set our closing date for October 31st. We have about 2 weeks to find a house – it’s crunch time ladies!!