Our house officially went on the market on Saturday at 11am. Saturday at 5pm we had our first looker. Sat. at 8pm we had a solid contract. Full offer. Close in 4 weeks.

Today we spent 4 hours looking at houses. First one we saw we liked immediately. We looked at the other 9 houses but everything was outdated or the floor plan didn’t work for us – and halfway through Royce said he didn’t want a 2 story house. So back to the 1st one. We walked through again and I was able to picture all our furniture, who would sleep where…and oh my…you should see the Master Bath. It’s beautiful. The house has been totally renovated and completely updated with new everything. It’s really nice. It’s 2000sf and it’s laid out really well. So, we said we’ll take it.

It does have it’s drawbacks. It’s close to the highway, so I noticed the distant hum of traffic. I guess I’ll get used to it. The yard is smaller than ours, but adequate. There is no culdesac. There is no park across the street or swimming pool around the corner or tree house in the backyard.

And now I’m crying. When we drove home it hit me that we won’t live in our really nice, safe, clean and quiet neighborhood much longer. I’m pretty emotional right now. I love this place. I hate how small this house is – but I love this area of town. If only our house was about 600sf larger. If only….

My girls were both born in this house – this is the only house Ean has ever really known. We’ve really put our heart into it. I JUST planted the roses. And it feels like we’ve been here forever but I’m also thinking, “Gee…it’s already time to move?” I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss standing at my kitchen sink and watching the kids play outside in our big backyard. I’m going to miss sitting in my huge front yard and watching the kids play on their bikes down at the end of the street. I’m going to miss my early morning walks to the park and back while the sun rises. I’m going to miss being 2 minutes from my Dr’s office, and HEB. I’m going to miss the 6 large trees we have on our lot and all the shade.

If only this house were larger… I’m not sure I’d ever leave. I sure hope we don’t get moved and then regret ever leaving….