In preparation for putting the house back on the market, Royce power washed the concrete and rock facing on the house. It looks really nice and clean again. The rocks were really dirty and covered in algae in some places. But the sidewalk looks AMAZING! I LOVE power washers! I wish I could have one for inside the house!! LOL!

I realize to that most of my reading audience this is a pretty boring photo. But there is a small sect of my readers who are CLEAN FREAKS and this photo is in their honor. Namely, HeartsDesire of Texas Homemaker Blog. HeartsDesire, you are not alone. And, HeartsDesire, isn’t that clean sidewalk just BEE-YOU-TIFUL??

And that just made me realize that one CAN own a “power washer” for inside – it’s called a personal steamer! And I know because HeartsDesire owns one and she let me borrow it to clean the grout in my kitchen tile and now I’m saving up to buy one for myself! Yeah, I know they are only like $50 – but that’s a lot of mula for moia!