I just wanted to post these so there is verifiable proof that I actually DO have my children do school work. HAHAHAHA!

Adri has worked very hard to finish his 1st math work book through Math U See. It’s like 400 pages long, or something ridiculous, so obviously it could take awhile depending on how diligently one worked through the book. Anyway…he took the final test yesterday! GOOOOO Adri!!

Ean is just now beginning to work in his math workbook. He’s not too impressed with it. He likes Ray’s Math. We’ll probably transition back to that for a little while until he’s ready for Math U See. He can eat his manipulatives with Ray’s Math. He can’t eat the unit blocks from Math U See.

Hannah LOVES to do school work! She LOVES working in her workbooks, writing her letters, reading her alphabet, counting things, sorting things, etc. She loves science and she loves to listen to the books we read for History and Language Arts. She loves arts and handicrafts. She loves to draw. And she is even wanting to learn to read already! Can you believe that if I were to enroll this child in public school she’d have to wait another year before they’d let her into KINDERGARTEN!? Another reason I’m such a proponent of home schooling: it’s tailored to the child’s abilities and not some TAKS test requirement…

And then there’s Claire Bear. Give her some playdough and she’s good for about 20 minutes. Here she is trying to make some snakes. She loves to make snakes out of playdough. She also love to “do school”. She loves to get up at the table with us and color, play with math manipulatives, playdough, arts, crafts, reading stories, etc.