I hit a new low today. I realized it when I actually walked to the bathroom to get the dental floss so I could clean part of the kitchen sink faucet.

“Am I really going to clean this thing with dental floss? 

“Who is this woman agonizing over the hard water build up UNDER the faucet where no one can see…where even SHE can’t SEE it but she knows it’s there? It couldn’t possibly be me…

“Why in the world am I doing this?

“Oh … oh wow… it’s working!  Cool!  There really are some big chunks of lime buildup coming out!


And then…when I finished cleaning the gunk out – the faucet had an even bigger leak.

Need I say more about my day.

We listed the house today. Asking price: $94,900. If you ask me that’s INSANE. I seriously do not expect to get an offer for that much. But what do I know. I think flossing out lime scale is therapeutic.

Actually it did help my nerves. After the morning I had with my children – who challenged my authority with every turn – I spent about 3 hours cleaning my 150 sq. foot kitchen while they laid in their beds, bored to death. What’s worse than that is the reality that I’m only really half-way done cleaning the kitchen! A good, thorough cleaning is what that kitchen (and I…and the children) needed. Kids are getting their therapy tomorrow when I am going to be teaching THEM how to finish the cleaning of the kitchen!

By the way – HeartsDesire lent me her Scunci Steamer and let me tell you something – that thing ROCKS! Who knew that the grout in my kitchen flooring was actually LIGHT gray. I mean, it was light gray when we installed it 4 yrs ago – but you know, that was 4 yrs ago …. I thought it had just darkened with age. Nope – it was just nasty dirty gunk in the grout. And it took almost NO TIME to clean with. Granted, it was NO MATCH for the lime build up on the faucet – that needed an atomic bomb – but cleaning the grout in the tile was actually FUN. I can’t wait to finish tomorrow!

It was also great to use on baseboards. Some of my baseboards are spotless! The others are getting steamed tomorrow! And window sills! Oh my – it was AMAZING on the window sills! My 30+ yr old window sills are SHINY – isn’t that too cool!!??!!

Now it’s time for the grocery list and then off to bed so tomorrow I can wake up before the kids and whip their rearends in gear for tomorrow. We’ll probably start showing the house Friday night or Saturday – and we have some last minute cleaning to do. And those kids are NOT going to get the worst of me tomorrow. They definitely saw the worst of me today. Poor things. I hope they aren’t too traumatized.