I’ve spent the past 2 hours blog jogging. That is where one sits in front of their computer, enjoying the “bread of idleness”, and surfs from blog to blog, without much care for where they actually end up, browsing here – browsing there – browsing anywhere – just so long as they don’t actually get off the computer and accomplish anything REAL.

Of course, REAL is a subjective term when used in this context. What would be a real accomplishment to me may not be much of anything to, say, Bill Gates. But .. you know… whatever.

I’m feeling totally overwhelmed right now. So, naturally, I thought I’d blog about it. I’ve done enough blog jogging for one night.

However, I feel I must break away and explain the blog jogging a little more. As a precautionary measure I only click on links that are part of friend’s “blog rolls”. I don’t want to encourage anyone to click the “next blog” feature on ANY of the blog sites – you can end up on some pretty offensive websites that way! Just to clarify…I DO care what I run across on the web….

So ok, I’ve clarified, I feel better now. It’s that approval thing. I don’t want any of you sitting there making judgemental comments about how I, as a Christian, should know better than to aimlessly browse the web. Etc. so on and so forth. I can’t believe I’m actually justifying to all of you my blog jogging habits.

I am seriously having a moment.

Anyway I’m feeling overwhelmed. My house is so freaking small. I am not able to function in it anymore. In the past 2 weeks I’ve thrown a couple of seemingly self-controlled fits (meaning if the kids hadn’t been around I would have thrown an all out tempter tantrum). Thank God for the kids. No one needs to see me do that…not even God. LOL. So, I was just talking with Royce about needing to move and then Grafted called on Sunday to tell me about a house she found for us. So we are going to go look at it tomorrow. We need to sell this closet and move to some REAL SPACE. 932 square feet. 4 children. 3 adults. 1 bathroom. It’s just not working anymore.

Then I got a message from my best friend, Margaret, to learn that she will be moving to Japan in about 6 weeks. Now she’s been talking about this for about a year – but I never thought it’d actually happen. I’ve been in denial. But mostly now I’m feeling overwhelmed and saddened that I’ve wasted this past year and have totally neglected our relationship. I am going to have to apologize to her – because it really makes me sad. I should have made more time for her. She’s one of my most treasured friendships and I’ve taken her for granted. And now she’s going to be gone for at least a year. Totally gone. *sniff sniff* How will I get by???

I could continue loathing in my self-pity but my MOm has invited me to watch a movie and play scrabble. Just the cure for this pathetic moment  I’m having. Now if I could just tolerate chocolate, I’d eat away my blues. But then I’d have to tell my dieting buddy AND my teeth would ache for hours on end.  I just can’t win for losing…. WAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHA  Someone shut me up.