A few years ago Royce built himself a workshop in our backyard. Much to my dismay. I love wide open spaces. We have a really big yard. Which is important because we have a really tiny home. But I didn’t mind the small living space – I grew up in a small home, it hasn’t really been that big of a deal. In fact, last night I heard every sound that Adri made when he got up in the middle of the night to use the potty…and I felt a lot of comfort knowing I was that close to my children even in the middle of the night. See, I’m just not really one to desire to be TOO FAR away from my children on a regular basis. Even in the day to day living stuff – keep ’em close is my motto.

Which will sound hypocritical to those who know that the children are going away this weekend while Royce and I go to a marriage retreat – but .. well… I can’t please everyone. LOL!

Anyway, I’ve digressed.

So, the workshop is in our backyard and it’s the same size as our garage, complete with 2 attic lofts for extra storage and a covered porch which comes in handy when it’s time for the boys to get their haircuts! It also is equipped with DSL and a nice, fast computer! Which sits in front of two corner windows. Which are strategically aligned so you can view 75% of the backyard while in the workshop.

Presently this has come in handy because I’m gonna list eBay auctions. Because I figured I don’t have enough to deal with already so WHY NOT! Why am I doing it out here? Because I can watch the kids play in the mud pit they created under the trampoline AND list my auctions at the same time. And it’s a nice big area to work in for doing eBay. Plus his computer is faster than mine.

I’ve got my phone, cell phone, large glass of iced tea, all my eBay auctions, the scale for weighing the auctions so I can calculate shipping, and an air conditioner going. Oh, I didn’t tell you … it’s even got A/C. Now I know why he sits out here every night for hours on end! It’s NICE!

Sorry Royce…your worst fear has come true. I’m TAKING OVER THE WORKSHOP!!!!! I could make the one loft my sewing nook. I could use the other loft for a reading nook. I could put a couch, TV, and little fridge out here and have my own space. He can move all his junk back to the garage.


Just kidding, honey… but seriously…will you build me one too? At first I really hated this thing. But over the years, I’ve grown to love it.

And that concludes my melodramatic ramblings of the afternoon. Gotta go list those auctions!