I’m gonna check this later tonight and see what all I got accomplished! This is not prioritized – just stuff I need or want to do.

  1. School work w/boys: Beyond Five in a Row*, Considering Gods Creation, Art, Phonics, Math, Handwriting*, Beginning Dictation*, Piano, Memory Work (new hymn).
  2. School w/Hannah: Piano, PreK workbook, Art, Pre-reading
  3. Read Aloud to all the kids
  4. Clean house
  5. Laundry
  6. Declutter kitchen countertops and organize my office nook
  7. Practice soccer with kids in backyard
  8. Get dinner in crock pot  Forgot that the chicken was frozen…Royce’s bringing pizza home….
  9. Adri to soccer @ 6:30
  10. Kids to bed by 8:30
  11. Work on cross stitch kit I started 2 yrs ago.
  12. Plan out soccer practice for my team’s next practice on Weds.
  13. Call Dr. T about preballet stuff.
  14. Go to bed by 10:30pm.
  15. Go for a walk after kids are in bed.
  16. Work on lesson plans to get caught up with FIAR stuff. We are a full week behind now. YIKES!

I have no idea if all that will get accomplished or not. Would be nice! We’ll see! I’ll “strike-through” the things I finish.

Update: Yeah…ok…if it’s not crossed out, it didn’t get done. I skipped out on my evening TO DO and went to the movies with my Mom and HeartsDesire. Much better use of my time. HA! Well tomorrow..or rather..today is another day!