The kids are all so excited!
Adri, Ean and Hannah are all playing soccer this fall. We started practices tonight. Adri gets his own team, Royce is coaching Ean’s team and I, yes…you read that right, I am coaching Hannah’s team.

Our kids are SOOO cute! Hannah’s team is so precious. Each one of them. And Royce’s team is really great – the kids really want to play the game. The parents are all very laid back and supportive of the kids, but not interfering…and not expecting TOO much from Royce and I, so that’s good too! I’ve never coached before – but one of the dads on our team offered to be my assistant coach and I’m very thankful because his kids have played for a couple of years and he was very helpful tonight!

It is going to be a lot of fun spending Monday and Weds. evenings at the park together, and Saturdays at games. The kids are excited and so are Royce and I.

When I have their game schedule I’ll email it to everyone (no, i’m not posting it here!).

Funny irony…. one little girl on my team is named Shelbi and one little boy on Royce’s team is named Zane. The irony is that Royce’s brother’s name is Shelby and his son’s name is Zane.

Just thought that was funny!