If you are trying to stick with a diet/exercise program, you know you are your own worst enemy? When you find yourself thinking along the lines of “I’ll never be able to lose weight!”, and before you see yourself even open the pantry door….you need to STOP and take that thought (unhealthy thinking pattern) captive unto Christ and cast it down! (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

And then think on things that are true! (Phillipians 4:8)

Just as I can choose to eat, I can also choose NOT to eat!

What a great quote! I love it! It’s empowering!

I’ve been counting calories for 5 weeks now and have lost almost 12lbs. It hasn’t been easy – but it hasn’t been all that hard either. I finally put my mind to it – stopped bereating myself with “you’ll never accomplish this goal either” self-sabatoge talk…and I’ve actually accomplished my first goal – drop the 1st 10lbs.

I’ve been overweight since Adri’s pregnancy and he’s 9!!! It’s TIME. I am down to a size 12 jeans and they are a little loose! YAY! I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch – but it’ll be nice to buy size 10 jeans in September. And maybe size 8 by November. That would be AMAZING! Last time I was in single digit clothing sizes I was 20 years old. 10 yrs ago.