Ran across this quote just now, and considering a conversation I’ve been having with a friend, I thought it was fitting. It’s exactly how I feel about ALL my friends. All of them. Every single last one of them.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you TODAY.” Unknown.

That’s all I ever want in a friend. Nothing more. Nothing less. Really anything more than that is superficial, and anything less than that is judgemental and critical. I actually have a lot of really good friends. They are all so different from one another. And I’m thankful for the diversity. I don’t really have ONE BEST FRIEND who I lean on for everything. That’s supposed to be Royce’s job. 😛 But I do have just some of the most amazing friendships. And I’m thankful for all my friends and so glad that I’m not in this walk alone. God is so good.

Quote #2:

“Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment.” Rita Mae Brown

At first, this quote made me laugh. It’s SO true, isn’t it? Then I realized who Rita Mae Brown was! She is not best known for her quotes, but rather her lesbian fiction. She is the “Mark Twain” of gay fiction. I read one of her books back when I was in college, working on a Women’s Studies degree. Rita Mae Brown is an extremely talented writer. Her work, however, is appalling from a moral standpoint. Actually, her writing is so powerful that it will leave the most ardent homophobic wondering if they are, in fact, a homosexual! LOL!

And for the record, I am absolutely NOT endorsing her work in anyway. It just reminded me of a different time in my life. Before I was a Christian. Made me remember some things – which is good because I have a terrible memory. I need to stop and journal when I have these moments. I could be an Alzheimer Patient right now and not even know it. I hear you can live in the first stage of Alzheimer’s for 10+ yrs. It could be happening to me right now. Ha!

I think I thank God everyday for sending us Adri, our first and very unexpected pregnancy, because it directly led to me dropping out of college just before I was to transfer into UT Austin to begin my Women’s Studies degree. I was a pre-law student. Or rather, was going to become a pre-law student. If I had pursued that course in my life, I would have found myself working directly under Sarah Weddington, lead attorney who “won” (using the term loosely) Roe v. Wade. I sometimes wonder who I would be today if Adri hadn’t been conceived when he did – 8 months after the wedding.

Interestingly enough – a few years ago I embarked on a journey to devour the book, “Domestic Tranquility” which was written by F. Carolyn Graglia as her Doctoral Thesis. It is a premise against feminism and it is extremely well written. Graglia is a well educated woman (Cornell Law!!) and her perspective and insight on the social ramifications of the abdication of manhood and the rise of feminism is jaw dropping. Reading her book totally clarified my vision on what it means to be a woman. She cuts to the core. The interesting part though, is, that she too lives in Austin, Tx because her husband is a Law Professor at the… University of Texas!  One day I AM going to go back to school at UT and get my Law Degree. And maybe she will be my mentor. Wouldn’t that be something?? I’ve thought about contacting her and doing an interview! Maybe one day. Maybe I’ll save that for when I’m at UT. LOL. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

And then, after I get my degree and pass the bar (or whatever) I’m going to work for Phyllis Schaffley’s Eagle Forum Group. She is in the top ranks of my list of America’s most powerful and influential women of all times. And she’s a Christian. (GASP!) And she’s not a doormat (Gasp!!) and God STILL LOVES HER! And so does her husband! And the SIX children she raised before she went to college and became a lawyer and singlehandedly shot down the Federal Equal Rights Amendment in the 70’s. She’s MORE POWERFUL THAN HILLARY CLINTON! She should run for President. But I guess that’s not really in line with her political position though is it. I’m getting ahead of myself.

But not now…that season in my life is a few decades off. First I gotta raise my babies!

I will confess that I do, on occasion, pull out my acceptance letter to UT and have a melancholy moment where I miss the intellectual stimulation of college. I love my children – and I love my friends and I have a great life. But, I’m really what people call a “book nerd” and I love to be pushed, academically. I haven’t had that kind of stimulation in a long time.

OK so that’s enough rambling for one night. Time to go catch up on some Hollywood Gossip. HAHAHAHA